QA-MISRA – the customised answer to market requirements


QA-MISRA is the tailor-made answer to current and future static analysis market requirements. This new tool is the product of a cooperation between QA Systems and AbsInt – partners who both have many years of expertise in the field.

The earlier in the development cycle software errors are identified, the less expensive it is to fix them. It is optimal if errors do not even occur or are detected immediately. This is an important experience that developers gain  repeatedly: The earlier, the better.

Therefore, the cooperation partner of QA Systems, AbsInt, has developed a static checker for coding rules. The tool is now distributed exclusively by QA Systems under the name QA-MISRA. “We know the market and the people involved,” says Andreas Sczepansky, Managing Director of QA Systems GmbH in Waiblingen, Germany.

QA-MISRA already checks for over 900 potential software errors in source code. Through static analysis with QA-MISRA, dangerous structures as well as problems with security, maintenance and porting can easily be found at an early stage. This is how developers reduce future costs.

QA-MISRA analyses extensive and complex software packages very quickly, regardless of the size of the codebase. This simplifies quality management and helps you comply with the relevant safety-standards. “After many years of involvement in working groups of the MISRA consortium, we have created a convenient tool for efficient checking of coding guidelines, which has been maximally aligned to the needs of customers, with the help of the experts from QA Systems,” says Dr.-Ing. Christian Ferdinand, Managing Director of AbsInt GmbH in Saarbrücken.

QA-MISRA can be fully integrated into QA Systems’ unit and integration testing tool CANTATA.
QA-MISRA helps to make programme code more reliable, more portable and easier to maintain.

QA-MISRA automatically checks your C or C++ code for compliance with MISRA and AUTOSAR rules, as well as the security standards: SEI CERT C/C++, Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), ISO/IEC TS 17961, Hersteller Initiative Software (HIS Metrics) and others.

QA-MISRA is exclusively distributed internationally by QA Systems:

About AbsInt
AbsInt provides cutting-edge development tools for embedded systems with a focus on validation, verification, and certification of safety-critical and security-relevant software. Key products include static analysis tools to check coding guidelines, for timing and stack usage analysis, and to detect critical programming defects in C/C++ code as well as the formally verified CompCert Compiler. Founded in 1998, AbsInt is a privately-held company located in Saarbrücken, Germany. Our customers come from various industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare and energy, and are located in more than 40 countries all over the world. For further information, visit

About QA Systems
For over 25 years, QA Systems has been helping companies develop high-quality, standards-compliant software for embedded systems in the safety and business-critical area. QA Systems’ tools automate unit tests, code coverage, integration tests and source code analysis in compliance with all common safety related software standards (MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT, CWE, ISO 26262, etc.). QA Systems was founded in 1996 by CEO and racing driver, Andreas Sczepansky. With international locations QA Systems operates worldwide directly as well as through a global reseller network. Over 350 of the largest companies are on QA Systems’ customer list. In addition to the tools, the QA Systems Academy shares know-how and expertise with engineers from around the world.